Jason Dow is a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) graduate and an award-winning self-taught goldsmith.   All Jason’s designs are created in house at his fully operational Honolulu jewelry studio.  Ethically sourced and conflict-free gemstones are crafted into works of wearable art using gold and platinum that come from recycled sources.  He prides himself on aesthetics as well as functionality and fine craftsmanship.

Mr. Dow's  inspiration comes from many aspects of living among the Hawaiian islands... including many influences from Asia and the Americas.  As a person of both Asian and Caucasian ancestry, Jason finds refuge, connection, and inspiration among the diversity of the people of Hawaii.  His designs are an attempt to represent that mixture.

"I'm finding that I'm drawn towards ancient motifs of eastern ancestry.  My drive is to integrate the ideas and spirituality that these designs represent, into a more modern, western, and contemporary shape.  I strive for simplicity and clean lines, while still maintaining original form and representative power."

A daily surfer, runner, swimmer, hiker, and yogi; Jason keeps a balanced and active lifestyle, constantly striving to take "the middle path".  It is this balance that he also wishes to convey into his designs.

“The general feeling I want to achieve is calmness, intrigue, and spiritual power.  The world we live in is filled with chaos, unnatural and distracting; and I’m striving to give confidence and center to the wearer in the face of uncertainty and adversity.”



  • Hawaii Jewelers Association Design Award 2015- 1st Place Under $3500
  • Hawaii Jewelers Association - Designer of the Year 2014
  • Hawaii Jewelers Association Design Award 2014 - 1st Place Over $3500
  • Hawaii Governor's Fashion Award - 2013 Jewelry Designer of the Year
  • Platinum Guild International - Innovation Awards Nominee 2013
  • JCK Las Vegas 2013 Rising Star Award
  • Palladium Alliance International - 2013 Design Contest Finalist
  • Johnson Matthey Palladium Expression Award - 1st Place 2012
  • Johnson Matthey Platinum Award - 1st Place 2011
  • Hawaii Jewelers Association 2011 - Peoples Choice Award
  • Niche Award - 1st Place Gold Jewelry 2011
  • Hawaii Jewelers Association  - Designer of the Year 2010
  • Hawaii Jewelers Association Design Award 2010 - 1st Place Over $3500
  • Hawaii Jewelers Association Design Award 2010 - 1st Place Under $3500
  • Saul Bell International Design Award 2010 - 1st Place Gold and Platinum Category